Guryanov Nikita

Modern solutions of routine needs

About me

Junior computer scientist and content-creator who looks forward to finding out his exact passion in a huge career-world. Accumulating experience in the technological medium with creative and modern approach, my main goal is to achieve the most possible balance between simplicity, accessibility and comprehensibility in my projects. Being also open to new strategies and beginnings, I consider myself as an always self-developing person who wants to achieve new heights.


Always ready to obtain new knowledge and improve my bests. But I consider my specialization on the following ones:

  • Backend (PHP, SQL, JS, REST)
  • Mobile Devepment (Swift)
  • High-Level Programming (Java, Python)
  • Social Media Managment
  • Photography (incl. drones, post-production)

All skills are flexible and comparable. Those are the most personally important for me and therefore preferable. Each project and task is unique, so I always try to find the best solution to provide an expected result.


Just a few public examples, what I did before. In case of strongly necessity, additional works could be provided if it's possible owing to copyrights.


Different types of development (web or mobile). Server-based apps. PHP/SQL systems.

Landings, promo-pages

Development of minimalistic, concise and attractive pages. Creation of interactive sites, optimization for standards, SEO.


Event-based media support. Shooting and post-production according to guidelines.

Post Scriptum

Some kind of works (ex. coding, databases, commercial projects) cannot be published due to the copyrights. Parts of them could be provided personally in case of necessity. For more information and details, please, contact me.

Get in touch!

I'm always open for offers! Leave your contact information, briefly describe your offer or idea and I will contact you as soon as possible. You can reach me both by phone and via e-mail messages (in English, German or Russian).